OCCULTISM : A shared phenomenon in Eddy Susanto’s installation of the Last Supper

Carla Bianpoen

Eddy Susanto’s work for Art Stage Jakarta highlights occultism as
a shared phenomenon between Java’s Joyoboyo prophecies of happenings to come
and the hidden messages in Leonardo Davinci’s master piece The Last Supper.

Occultism in this sense refers to the psychic or magical or secretive codes embedded in mathematical and astrological signs or inverted writing in Leonardo da Vinci’s work that Vatican researcher Sabrina Sforza Galitzia’s translation in 2010 claims to predict, among others, an apocalyptic flood that would sweep the globe from March 21 to November 4006.

Occultism in the Javanese tradition is found in the Prophesies of Jayabaya which were chronicled in the book of Musasar dated 1749, composed by Prince Wijil I. The prophesies related to several eras until the end of time.

While it is true that the issue of the end of the world pops up ever so often, Eddy Susanto chooses to link the Italian painter Leonardo DaVinci with the Javanese Joyoboyo, the great Hindu king (1503-1566) who had predicted the fate of Java in several periods of time, ultimately predicting the end of the world, including Java.

To visualize the correlation between the two great prophesies occurring in different parts of the world and at different points in time Eddy Susanto created a replica of DaVinci’s Last Supper for an installation including typical and weird features that scientists found in the original work (such as inverted writing, which could only be read by using a mirror).

The table, recreated from the original version, features the image of Jesus and his 12 apostles in inverted fashion. Denoting the correlation of mystery between prophesies made by two of the world’s personas, the inverted figures on the table have been shaped by engraving of Javanese script narrating the predictions by Jayabaya.

Sitting at the table and looking up, one would see a light box featuring The Last Supper in its original version, with the light sparks infusing silhouettes of mystery and magic marking the haunting prophesies on the upcoming apocalypse.